When you can't come to Zippity Doodles, how to get your puppy home!

Escort Your Puppy Home Safely With You In The Airplane Cabin
(Meeting You At Denver Int'l Airport)
When puppy has a long way to travel home, we recommend you escort him "carry on". This is much less stressful on the pup than shipping him cargo (and in most cases it is a similar cost to shipping puppy cargo). Here's how it works: You fly to Denver Int'l Airport (many of our new parents use frequent flyer miles for themselves, pup's reservation is extra), where we will meet you to deliver your puppy. You re-board and fly back home with puppy asleep under your seat in a carry-on puppy bag. The cost for delivery to the airport is $40 and includes the airline health certificate prepared at veterinarian's exam. You do need to provide your own shipping container for onboard transport of the puppy and make your pup a "carry-on" reservation with the airline (note: not all airlines allow puppies in the cabin). Consult Zippity Doodles before booking your flight to assure you meet the all shipping requirements, and to determine the best day & time for your flight.

Airline Shipping ~ Cargo Transport
We are no longer able to provide Airline Cargo transport due to new regulations for breeders.

Local Delivery
Often we can arrange to bring your puppy to an agreed upon destination within 100 miles of Golden, CO to meet you. Charges for this service are $1 per mile (for example, we charge $75 to bring a puppy 75 miles one way, even though our round trip is 150 miles).  Contact Zippity Doodles for availability.

Our Delivery Policy
Delivery Charges are not included in the cost of our puppies.
Because of the stress of travel & the possibility of exposure to disease, there are risks associated with Airline cargo shipping (puppy traveling alone in cargo hold).  Therefore, due to new regulations for breeders and in the best interests for our puppies, we recommend you pick up your new puppy at Zippity Doodles, escort puppy home in the airplane cabin, or arrange to meet us at a central location for delivery. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide replacements or refunds on pups that are harmed or become ill during shipping.

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