Goldendoodle.  The name trips off your tongue, and enters your psyche.  If this is the first time you have been introduced to a Goldendoodle ~ then we'd better warn you: HOLD ON TO YOUR HEART!  Before this cuddly, precious, irresistible bundle of fur wins you over and changes your concept of man's best friend, let us tell you the rational reasons why a Goldendoodle makes the perfect companion.

Imagine the sweet, loyal temperament of a Golden Retriever; the intelligence and affection of a Standard Poodle; all combined into a package that personifies the best the dog world has to offer. Wrap this doggie package with the wavy, scattered fur of a Goldendoodle and you have the epitome of love.

The outcome of this marriage, a Goldendoodle, is known as a "1st Generation" hybrid cross.  A hybrid cross is achieved by mating two unrelated purebred breeds, in this case, the Golden Retriever and the Standard Poodle.  Hybrid crosses as a general rule are considered by many vets and geneticists to live longer and have less health problems than either purebred parent line, displaying what is known a "hybrid vigor." We believe Goldendoodles exhibit the best traits of both breeds.

"If you're looking for a dog that has the easygoing, friendly nature of a Golden Retriever
and the smarts and anti-shed hair of a poodle, a cross between the two ­ a Goldendoodle ­ will likely catch your fancy."
Fox News Thursday, July 25, 2002  ~   Catherine Donaldson-Evans

In his book "The Intelligence of Dogs" Stanley Coren ranks dog breeds in order of intelligence. With Poodles ranked 2nd and Golden Retrievers 4th, it's no wonder their Goldendoodle offspring are intelligent, obedient, and easy to train.
  Their characteristic fur coat varies from curly (like the poodle), to flat (like the retriever), with most Goldendoodles being wavy... that is, somewhere in-between the two.  The fur coat is generally low to non-shedding, often making them a good fit for families with allergies. But remember, the degree of shedding and hypo-allergic qualities depends on the individual puppy and the balance of poodle and retriever genes received.  In general, the Goldendoodle sheds less than a Retriever, but they are not all shed-free.  The more Poodle (curly, low-shedding) genes, the more grooming and maintenance is required since the fur grows much like human hair, and it will need to be clipped from time to time.
A Goldendoodles average weight varies from about 50-80 pounds with an average height of about 20-26 inches, depending on the size of the parents.  Life expectancy is 12 - 15 years.

Goldendoodles are terrific family dogs; friendly, intelligent, affectionate and easy to train. They are highly social, patient, and comfortable with strangers when properly socialized as puppies. They do love to play, and enjoy retrieving toys. It's no wonder Goldendoodles are in such high demand as companion dogs, service dogs, and agility competitors.

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